Refund Policy
All merchandise sold by #TerryDixonFitness is sold “as­ is” without any guarantee. There will be no refunds for any reason. By making a purchase, you are confirming that you have read and understand our no refunds policy.
No refunds will be issued.
Open items in new condition and returned within 10 days of the shipping date (purchase day for in store pickup) will receive an exchange for a new product. Please allow up to 10 business days for product exchanges.
Standard Shipping
  •  $9.99 for Domestic Shipping  (United States)
  • $30 for international Shipping (Outside of U. S.)
Next Day Shipping
  • $25.99 Domestic
  • $50 International
Items shipped Internationally, can only be tracked door to door, if they are shipped Priority. Items that are shipped Standard rate will not be tracked outside of the United States.
In­stock Items –
Standard Shipping
All items indicated to be in­stock are shipped with in 7 business days.
Next Day Shipping
All items indicated to be in stock are shipped the next business day, if the order is placed before 1:00 PM Eastern Time. In­stock items ordered after 1:00 PM Eastern Time will be shipped on the following business day.
A confirmation email is sent once the item leaves our warehouse. This email will not only confirm that the item has left our warehouse, but will also provide the USPS tracking number for your item along with an estimated delivery date (according to USPS, and based on the shipping method you selected).
IMPORTANT: As inventory fluctuates hourly, an item indicated as “in­stock” when you place your order may, in fact, be “out­ of­ stock.” In this event, we make every effort to contact you by email immediately to notify you that your order will be placed on backorder. The email will also provide you with information on how to cancel the order if you would prefer not to wait for the item to be in stock again.